Concept Wise will continue to push the boundaries and bring your vision to life



We provide full turnkey interior and exterior solutions for all commercial buildings including design, decor & installation. View –  Project Videos – Mancosa and Hamley’s


We can fitout your retail space with cutting edge, state of the art design and decor. View – Project Videos for Eltel & Gadget Guru.


We have been one of the country’s choice interior designers and shop fitters for some of our top restaurants and franchises.


We provide worldclass design & installation for your entertainment venues, expos & functions


We are passionate about taking ordinary spaces and transforming them into extraordinary places with a functional and personalized look and feel. Our bespoke solutions are available from wet works to cosmetics of interiors based on any requirement you have. View –  Projects for more info.


We have the honour of working with some of the leading ministries in the country. We provide the design, decor & acoustic solutions for your auditorium and facilities.


  • Full Turnkey Project Management
  • Interior & Exterior System Solutions
  • Industrial Design & Innovation
  • Conceptualization & Design
  • Manufacture & Installations
  • Licensed Imagineers of Kubik
  • Audio, Lighting Innovation & LED Technology
  • Interior, Decor & Brand Design

There is no limit to what we can achieve. Whatever the challenges are,  you can rely on our creative thinking and hands on approach to bring your project to life.

Helen is Co- Founder of Concept Wise, interior & decor specialist, onsite co-ordinator and has been in the industry for over 20 years. She has a passion in creating personal spaces in marrying client and space together and is able to see the end before the beginning. Helen prides her self in attention to detail and is extremely quality focused. She is inspired by interior design & décor and to say that she loves it is an understatement. Outside of design Helen loves to encourage others, be creative and believes in going the extra mile.

Paul is an interior designer, inventor and imagineer and has been in the industry for over 20 years and is Co-founder of Concept Wise. He has extensive experience in his field and highly skilled. Paul is very hands on when it comes to projects and is able to bring any job to completion. He is a problem solver and known for his innovative ideas and brilliant mind and has a passion for inventions, industrial design and motivating others.

Together Paul & Helen are a dynamic Husband and Wife team making them expertise in their field, they have a well-trained eye for quality, craftmanship, furnishings, textiles and all finishes and are recognized for their modern approach to design, innovation and quality workmanship. They have extensive knowledge in the various sectors when it comes to implementing from start to finish of all projects. Paul & Helen understand that the client is the single most valuable asset an organization can have and they are driven by the unrelenting pursuit of client satisfaction, excellence & integrity.

WE ARE MANUFACTURERS and imagineers OF Kubik®

Kubik® is a product of design excellence – one which takes innovative design, interior perfection and flawless finishes to a whole new level. Kubik® is a versatile, lightweight and robust modular aluminium construction system with a high-tech modern finish. Designed for the modern era, Kubik® is a pre-engineered modular and customisable system which allows you to create “imagineered” spaces.

It redefines ‘fast’ as all Kubik® products, whether interiors or exteriors, can be put together in a matter of days as the pieces simply click together like Lego. This means that the installation of the product is easy and dust-free. Kubik® is reusable and it’s panels are interchangeable. The panels can also be illuminated to create a variety of desirable effects. The panels are made out of numerous materials including acrylic, glass, plastics and wood to mention but a few. Once installed, Kubik® systems create an impressive designer effect.

Kubik® is ideal for any multidimensional display, as well as furniture, fixtures, facades and doors. It can also be used to create flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors. It is perfect for all your interior and exterior needs. This highly versatile product is user-friendly and practical. Since you can use Kubik® for any application, it can easily reflect your desired image and the finished product is always spectacular to behold.

We are hands-on when it comes to the concept, design, supply and application of Kubik®


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