Kubik® is a product of design excellence – one which takes innovative design, interior perfection and flawless finishes to a whole new level. Kubik® is a versatile, lightweight and robust modular aluminium construction system with a high-tech modern finish. Designed for the modern era, Kubik® is a pre-engineered modular and customisable system which allows you to create “imagineered” spaces.

It redefines ‘fast’ as all Kubik® products, whether interiors or exteriors, can be put together in a matter of days as the pieces simply click together like Lego. This means that the installation of the product is easy and dust-free. Kubik® is reusable and its panels are interchangeable. The panels can also be illuminated to create a variety of desirable effects. The panels are made out a variety of materials including acrylic, glass, a variety of plastics and wood to mention but a few. Once installed, Kubik® systems create an impressive designer effect.

Kubik® is ideal for any multidimensional display, as well as furniture, fixtures, facades and doors. It can also be used to create flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors. It is perfect for all your interior and exterior needs. This highly versatile product is user-friendly and practical. Since you can use Kubik® for any application, it can easily reflect your desired image and the finished product is always spectacular to behold.

We are hands-on when it comes to the concept, design, supply and application of Kubik®



Sound bounces off hard surfaces – like glass, brick, and hardwood flooring – creating echoes. These echoes in turn bounce off other surfaces, many times, building up a mess of sound known as reverberation.

Echoes and reverberation interfere with the normal sounds in a room, making it difficult to hear conversation and music, Acoustic panels absorb this extra sound. These Panels “trap” the echoes and reverberations, leaving the sounds clearer and easier to hear. Home theaters, offices, boardrooms, community centres, hospitality sectors and restaurants will all be made more pleasant and comfortable with the addition of acoustic panels.

Acoustic Panels compliments any environment and can be applied to any design and application.



Cladding is simply a wall covering using various materials such as wood, metals, plastics, etc and consists of either panels, board or slats that are fixed to the wall in varying styles depending on the required design or finish. You could essentially clad a wall in anything.

When cladding any space depending on what material is used, it sets a tone and mood for that space and is decoratively appealing and changes an atmosphere to any room, not only for its appealing features cladding can also be used to damping of sound so not only does it aesthetically look good but it could possibly break the echo to a room.

Concept Wise has vast experience in “thinking out of the box” from cutting edge design to fabrication and installation of designer projects

Our high level of craftsmanship and finishing standards combined with our ability to integrate various materials, systems and fabrication methods makes us unique offering a complete selection of innovative solutions for the commercial, retail, hospitality, leisure, entertainment, religious and residential sectors.

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